Trying to choose a wireless adapter for my gaming build, lease help?

Building a gaing PC this Christmas and I'm trying to choose a wireless network adapter, however you can spend 10 pounds or 100 pounds, how should I choose it and what am I looking for, I'm not sure but I know it may make a difference in my choice, but the distance that the PC will be from the router is about 10 metres maximum.

Thank you for any help!
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    If you have any option stay with a wired connection for gaming.

    The critical part for gaming is not the speed but the quality of the signal. Games do like very constant data with no loss. Wireless does neither of these well.

    Pretty much do not buy better than your router unless you plan to upgrade the router soon. So if the router is a single band 802.11g it does little good to buy 802.11ac adapters it will just slow down and 802.11g.

    The main option you may want to consider is dual band if your router has it. You want to stay on 2.4g if you can since it has better coverage but if you live in a area with lots of neighbors competing for the bandwidth then you have the option to switch to 5g.

    There is not a lot of difference in the performance for similar cards. Maybe those tiny USB cards would have more issue if you stuck it in the back of a desktop with a lot of metal. In those cases a USB with a cable to put it on top tends to give you a option to place it someplace else if you have signal issues.
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