Video Card Causing Low FPS/PC Lockup?

Hi Guys,

I'm hoping this question hasn't already been asked, I haven't managed to find the same issue Im dealing with on here.

I recently built my own PC, and lately I feel like I'm not getting the desired framerate while playing most games. Ive also run into a very troubling issue where after a few minutes of playing I will hit an occasional PC lock up. My sound starts stuttering, screen locks up, mouse cannot move...this happens for a few seconds then everything goes back to normal.

I have an ASUSP877-V Pro MOBO and it comes with its own suite, allowing me to check CPU usage/temps. For the most part I sit around 35-40 degrees Celsuis. Usage never seems to go above 40-50%. So i assume I would be ruling out a CPU issue.

My next option was to turn to the GPU. I installed MSI afterburner not for overclocking, but simply for monitoring. and for the most part my GPU usage hovers around 99%-100%. There is the odd time it will dip back down to 40% or lower and those are the moments when my games are most playable. My temperature during all this is generally no more than 40-45 degrees celsuis as well when this happens.

So my question(s) in all this is, what would be causing my GPU usage to skyrocket like this? Is it normal? Could it be the cause of the above mentioned freezing/low FPS issue?

Below are my current specs:

OS: Windows 8.1 64bit
MOBO: Asus P877-V Pro
CPU - Intel i3770k @3.50 (Corsair H60 Liquid Cooling) (NO OC)
RAM - Corsair Vengence 4 x 4GB 16GB DDR3 @ 1600
GPU - Windforce GTX 670 (NO OC) (331.82 Driver)
PSU - Corsair GS700 PSU

If you guys need any other info please let me know. Like I said I am noticing this issue in most games, more noticeable/frequent during high demand areas. I have also tried dumbing down graphics settings to low in mosr cases to no avail.

Thank You.

(Could this be a bad GPU?)
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  1. Are you using vsync or capping your frame rate?

    When you GPU usage drops, does your frame rate drop?

    What resolution and settings (just general: ultra, high, medium, etc.) are you using in games?
  2. thank you for taking the time to reply to this...

    typically i play most games at 1920x1080, and with my rig i would expect to be able to play most of the games I own at around medium-high. i almost never play a game on ultra.

    i never used to, but have recently begun trying vsync to see if it would help the issue.... unfortunately it has not.

    when my GPU usage maxes at 100 that's when my FPS completely drops and eventually my PC will freeze up altogether for a few seconds. When the usage dips back down to 40 or 50%, my frames begin to get a bit better, and the games become playable.

    let me know if you need more info,
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    That's really odd. That shouldn't happen.

    Try the previous drivers, and if you have one laying around, try another PSU. That's pretty much all I got.
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