Help hooking up my 5.1 surround sound to my pc via toslink

Pretty much my questions simply is, will it work?

Sound System:

I want to run my sound from my pc to the receiver via toslink. My main concern is on the box of the receiver it says "Optical digital input for digital satellite system"
What I want to know is if I connect toslink to the reciever and to my pc, can I just put the reciever in the digital sattilite mode and still get the audio feed from my pc?
Any thoughts would be appreciated, Thanks.

P.S. The reason I'm asking is because I haven't purchased the toslink cable, and if it won't work what can i purchase to set it up correctly. Thank you again... :D.
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    It should work fine. My Pioneer receiver calls it "TV" and it works like a champ.
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