i5 3470 vs FX-8350 vs i5 3570k

I am currently trying to pick the parts to build a gaming pc. I play modern games such as FarCry 3, CSGO and DayZ.

I will be using a GTX 760 but am not sure what CPU should go along to accompany it.
I can purchase a i5 3470 and not OC it, or purchase a i5 3570k or FX-8350 and overclock it.
Will i see a large performance increase for an extra 10%-15% of the price?

Basically it's these builds, which is the best value of money and will i see a large performance increase?

If i am able to overclock i will to the highest stable clock that my CPU supports.
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    i5 3570k Is the best option you got ... best for gaming...

    but as far as i read future games may use more cores .. like in the next years ... so that where 8350 will be better..

    if u got much cash get I7 4770 or i7 4770k ..

    if not you can get a upgradable board and mount the i5 3570k ... then upgrade with i7 2 years or somthing .. if u don't like the idea of upgrading....

    then u grap the 8350.. i got one my self and its amazing... . and cpu does not make that huge differance in games it mostly depend on your GPU
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