Benefit with 2 raid 0 ssd drives

Is it true if i if i install 2 ssd's with Apricorn Velocity Solo x2 on a 7 or 8 series motherboard and get speed up to 800 MB/sec.
this is the link for Apricorn Velocity:
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  1. Yes, you can do that but unless you have a specific need for that much speed it is a waste. You have 2 times the chance of losing all your data on both drives.
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    1- Unless you don't have sata3 ports that are on your AMD or Intel chipset then thats a waste. Both Amd and Intel chipset sata3 ports in raid 0 can achieve even higher sequential speeds with 500+mb/s drives.

    2- As Ahnilated says, the risk of losing the raid might outweigh your need for raid. Unless you are doing something that requires the high sequential reads/writes it will actually slow you down otherwise. Have a read thru Toms excellent analysis of SSD's in raid0.,3485.html

    3 - You dont say which motherbd or cpu you have so this may opr may not apply to your situation. This card is a pcie X2 card so it will not fit in a x1 slot. This leaves you needing a free x8 or x16 slot for it.

    4 - This card will use up 2 pcie lanes. Depending on your cpu/chipset you may only have 16 lanes to begin with. Do you really want your gpu to drop to x8 mode? The impact on performance is minimal but for games that are barely playable you will need to make 'adjustments'.

    5 - this card is $100. I'd much rather see you invest this in a more modern motherbd that has sata3 ports and maybe some newer features like usb3.
  3. There is no real benefit to RAID 0 with SSD's from my research and it even worsened it with some tests. Also, you have 2x the chance of losing your drive. I was going to do it and decided to just run the two SSD's seperate.
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