Router works fine until plugging in 1 specific ethernet cable

Hi everyone!

posted here a while back wondering why my router I use as an extender wasn't working well at all. Found out now through trial and error that it wasn't the routers fault. When I have only the internet and one other device plugged in to my router the internet and everything works just fine. Now when I plug in the ethernet cable to my PC into the extender the wifi stops working, and I am unable to wirelessly connect to my router any more. What could be the cause of this ?
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  1. Just to clarify, you are connecting the wired connection when you are already connected wireless and then the wireless on the pc quits working?
    If so do you still get internet through the wired connection? If so...this is common with many computers as it will only use one connection at a time. Disconnect the wired connection and see if the wireless starts working again.
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