Buying a custom PC. Are these parts compatible?

Hi I am looking at building a new PC.

Here is what I am looking at purchasing:

(A HDD is not listed as it is the only component I will be saving from my current build)

Is everything compatible?

If I wanted to try OC'ing in the future would I just need to buy a cooling system?

How "future-proofed" is this build? Would I be able to just maybe upgrade the GPU in a year or so for a solid performance boost? Bear in mind I'm not fussed on maxing out games, just like to run them at a solid (30+) framerate and on at least medium/normal graphics.

Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.
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  1. everything is ok....just bear in mind that you can only upgrade your gpu not add another gtx760 (your board supports only crossfire not sli)

    in future if you wish to oc, you indeed will need a good after market cpu cooler.
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    Wow, why are these so expensive? ;O
    Yes, you need to buy a fan/liquid cooling system for your CPU for OC. If you're doing small OC, fan cooler should do but if you are planning to do some heavy OC, liquid cooler is needed. This build is overall solid, I wouldn't say it's really future proof but it will last you few years of new games with medium settings. Just upgrade your GPU down the road like the 780 or if something better comes out.
  3. I think the 760 will last you quite a while, its a pretty solid card for the price. When you decide the time for some CPU boost, just buy a cpu cooler and your good to go and play around with it.
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