Need help upgrading my graphics card. Used for gaming

Hello I've got a desktop I use for gaming. Mostly world of warcraft but I also use it for other games like bf4, sc2, and diablo3. I'm not happy with the performance of my computer and I'm pretty sure it's my graphics card that is the issue.

Dell dimension 8300

i7 processor (not sure on kind) I think it's 3.4ghz
12gb ram
2tb hd
Gtx 530 graphics card PciE x16

Price range is 150-250 us$
Hoping to not have to upgrade psu.

Please help
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  1. That might be difficult. Without upgrading your power supply you would be limited to a Radeon HD 7790 class card, or a GTX 650 ti on the NVIDIA side.
    I'm not familiar with the GTX 530. Are you sure that's the model of card that you have?
  2. Yes I'm sure of the model. Gt530 or gtx530 one of the two I'm away from my computer at the moment but dell told me that's the one I have. I don't mind upgrading my power supply if I HAVE to, I just want to play my games at ultra settings with a good frame rate and no lag.
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    The GT 530 I'm familiar with. neither of those video cards will let you play at ultra settings. You would need something closer to an R9 280x or a GTX 770 for higher settings at 1080p. That will require a PSU upgrade however.
  4. Ok that being answered will they fit in my case is my next concern... And are those cards compatible with the port I have? As I understand it (which may be wrong) the port doesn't much matter it just limits the speed available from the card. I'm pretty new to "building" my own PC or upgrading anything other than ram. Also if I upgrade my psu will THAT fit in my case. Basically I'm trying to figure out if I have to build a new computer in order to upgrade my graphics card.
  5. The specs you listed look more like the Dell XPS 8300 rather than the Dimension you mentioned.
  6. I'm an idiot...I can't believe I didn't catch that error earlier...that's totally what I meant... The xps 8300
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