Gtx 680 problem with unigine heaven

I did some benchmark with 3Dmark 11 and furmark nothings was having a problem only unigine heaven keep crashing my drivers -.- and games fonction very well I pass from 55-88 avg to 80-90 fps on ultra no AA I will post my 3d mark and furmark result later and maybe with Unigine valley...Here are the OC settings

Power limite:132%
Core clock:+140 on 1098mhz get (1202mhz)
Memory clock:+690 on 3006mhz get (3633mgz)

I forgot the exacte number because I am not home :)
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  1. What happens when you raise the voltage more?
  2. You think that if I augment the voltage Unigine heaven will stop crashing ? Il tried but by how much should I augmente it ? Because I don't want to burn the gpu XD
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    You said "Voltage:+37" so I assumed you knew how to raise the voltage.

    What OC program are you using?
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