ASUS Mobo and Internal USB 2.0 Ports 1314 vs 1112 vs 910

The case I'm using comes with front facing USB 2.0 ports and I need to plug these into the mobo. I have the choice of plugging it into what's labeled on the Asus P9X79 LE as 1314, 1112, or 910 slots. Research tells me these don't represent some sort of revisions of USB 2.0, but are simply Asus's numbering scheme for it's USB ports and are therefore identical in terms of speed. Research also tells me, however, that in rare cases, the port that a device is plugged into matters.

Does anyone know if, given the above, either of these three is the one I should go with? Whether some devices prefer one of the above, or if perhaps the mobo can somehow access a lower or higher numbered port more quickly? If not, I'm going to go with USB 1314 as it is most convenient in terms of cable management within the tower.

This is my first build, and this is what I am using.
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    They are just the IRQ numbering, for example 910 is ports 9 and 10, 1112 is 11 and 12, etc. These do not matter, plug into which ever one suits you best!
  2. Devballs is right.

    With my Asus board, I plugged the front USB2 connector to the lowest number (0910) It works.
    My reasoning was that the lower number would have a higher priority service than the vacant controllers had. It could all be in my mind, but it made me happy.
  3. Thanks for the input
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