How do i raise my dedicated graphics memory

i was wondering if i could raise my dedicated graphics memory from 512mb to 1024mb

graphics card AMD Radeon HD 7640G
Processor AMD A8-4500m
windows 8
3gigabytes of video memory
the rest is here;jsessionid=328A495EF4DA8884E667F567158A818D.bbolsp-app02-170?id=mp1307887646&skuId=1307887646&st=hp%20pavilion%20g7%202269wm&cp=1&lp=3#tab=specifications
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    No. Dedicated memory is physically installed onto the chip/card. Windows will automatically allocate any additional (virtual) memory needed.

    -Wolf sends
  2. No you can't. What you buy with a laptop is what you get.
  3. alright thanks guys for being super quick. thanks for the answer
  4. You can check the BIOS/UEFI if there is an option for it.
    Sometimes so, sometimes not but chances are that 512 is enough for it
  5. I had a Toshiba eith that cpu, 512 in vram what I found helped was upgrading two things..installed a SD and upgraded to corsir vengeance ddr3, helped tons, as far as the vram? cannot change what is physically installed..i di rn skyrim on med-high and world of tanks on med-high..after my upgrades..every little bit helps on that cpu
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