Replace HDD with SSD and go back to factory state.

I'm about to replace my HDD with an SSD (Samsung 840 EVO). While doing that I want a fresh laptop (Asus N55SF). I have 2 options and an option of which I don't know if it's possible:

1. I just replace the HDD with the SSD and put a fresh Windows 7 on it (which means no Asus bloatware, no drivers).
2. I use the Samsung migration software to "clone" my current HDD to my SSD. Then replace the HDD with the SSD and do a recovery to factory state from there.
3. I don't know if this is possible: I have these recovery disks from Asus I burned immediatly when I received the laptop. Is it possible to just install the empty SSD and then run these disks to get the factory state Windows 7 or is it necessary to already have Windows 7 installed to use these disks?

Option 2 wouldn't excist if option 3 was possible and I'd rather do those options than option 1 so I don't have to worry about the drivers anymore.

Which option do you guys recommend?
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    If you have access to a clean install of Win7, That would be the recommended way to go. Cloning the HDD to the SSD with the proper cloning software will also work, but a SSD has a few idiosyncrasies that need attention. Check out this tutorial for info:
    You can still do the tweaks even after a clone, but since you want a clean "start-over", a fresh install would be the way to go. Besides, if you swap out the HDD for the SSD, you always have the 'ready-to-go' HDD around in case the SSD is defective.
  2. Okay thanks, I'll just start from scratch and install all drivers myself. I also thought if I'm out of storage, I can put the HDD in a HDD caddy and put that in my optical bay.
  3. Just don't erase the HDD until you are sure the SSD installation is OK. Good luck.
  4. Hi ,

    Can you which SSD you used as I have the same exact model os Asus Lap ( Asus N55SF ) with the same spec. & I am willing to Replace My HHD with SSD and put the HDD in a HDD caddy.

    So, I could use your help!
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