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So I'm at a crossroads right now. I THINK that I want to add an SSD to my system, but I don't know if this is going to work well or not. What I have right now is a Seagate 1TB drive and an old 2TB WD green drive for back up.
Now what I would like to do, is add a 120-256(haven't decided on the size yet) SSD to my system, but unlike most people, I don't want to migrate the OS onto it, because it plenty quick for me. What I do want to do is just migrate the games I play the most, as well as a few games that are more resource intensive. Maybe some programs as well like Handbrake?
So my question is, would this give me a good performance boost? given that I'm going to be spending 90-160 on the
Lets put it in terms of load screens in Skyrim, general fps increase, and whether you think it will help/hinder game-play as well as performance of certain programs that I may put on there, ei Handbrake, other video encoding software, OpenOffice.
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    probably not, the SSD will quicken load times, but probably have little impact on overal program performance. It will not help FPS in games.
  2. So the only thing that I'm really looking at is just slightly faster loadscreens?
  3. Alrighty, i'll just stick with a single drive for everything until SSD prices go way down! Thank you!
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