Rosewill N250-PC2 does not work on restart, but does on shutdown

Installed all drivers because I can get on internet after I shut the computer down and then boot. Works great. But, even after it's working, if I try to restart my computer with the actual restart function, the wireless adapter just stops working. This is on my brother's new build that I made him for Christmas.

Not exactly a big problem at the moment, but definitely something that needs to be fixed. Any help appreciated :)
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  1. Lol I've never encountered a problem like this before. What does a computer do during a restart that is different from a cold boot?
  2. So the main difference is that a computer performs POST during a cold boot? Why would my wireless adapter only be recognized during a POST? And sorry lonewolf I noticed you are the exact same person that helped me with my last problem xD. I'm assuming you think I'm an idiot by now.
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    Yeah I am that same old person. But I am in no position to think of you as an idiot. Why would I do so ? I think there is something wrong with your wireless adapter, try to replace it, and honestly I ran out of ideas on what to suggest you right now. Good luck.
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