The R9 270/270X vs the GTX 760

Hey Tom's Hardware Community,
I would like to know if the 760 is worth the extra money compared to the R9 270/270X in performance.
The games I'll be playing are mostly WoW and LoL/Dota 2 Skyrim and some Bf4.
I have a i5 3570K
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    The difference isn't that big. If you're tight on money go for the R9 270 and OC it. R9 270x is the same card but with higher clock rates. However, make sure it has 1280 stream units because some 270's have 1024.
  2. Well in battlefield the 270x is the better performer by a couple fps since it is optimized for amd, I can't say necessarily which will win in those other games but it will always be very close. If you want to save money go for the 270x. Personally I prefer nvidia just because so I would go 760 but hey that's just me
  3. 760 destroys 270x aka 7870 in all aspects
  4. Hmmm I also record so shadowplay is tempting but I can still use Mirrilis Action and Quick Sync
  5. The 760 beats the r9 270x by 10 fps is that worth an extra 90$ where I live
  6. The 760 beats the r9 270x by 10 fps is that worth an extra 90$ where I live
  7. Wow they are that far apart? I would say no people seem to be exaggerating how much better the 760 is, like I said in battlefield the 270x wins and even if the 760 wins at the other games it will only be by a few fps so it is not worth the extra $90
  8. Hmmm K are you sure?
  9. Here look at this, sure there are instances of 10+ fps gains with a 760 but they are mostly pretty close even with a couple wins by the 270x. The 760 is the better card but that is a wide gap in prices it's up to you. Also BF4 isn't benched here but it was in my previous link
  10. I'm curious where are you and what are the prices?
  11. I have a i5 3570k with 8 gigs of ram and a Corsair GS500 PSU, so in your opinion it's not worth it? SHADOWPLAY it's tempting xD
  12. If it helps the R9 270x is 15000 Indian rupees while the 760 is 20000
  13. I'm In India
  14. Anyone want to share their opinion??
  15. Best answer
    Well at this point it's up to your budget, everyone has said that the 760 is better to one degree or another so based on that is it worth the extra money in your mind? I would say either way you won't be disapounted
  16. Thanks so much Jameson :)
  17. Happy to help
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