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Hi there guys,I recently bought a Sapphire HD 7850 1GB card and planning to have a eyefinity setup.

I already have 2 monitors, one with 1366x768 and another with 1440x900 resolutions.

So I was wondering if I buy another 1366x768 monitor and add it, will I be able to run the games at 3x 1366x768 resolution and whether it will be playable at high settings without AA?
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  1. Can anybody help me with a answer?
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    akrajanko1 said:
    Can anybody help me with a answer?

    When you use eyefinity, you essentially run all three monitors on one big resolution. so the scaling would be a little weird if each individual monitor is different resolutions. They should all be the same and then when using eyefinity, you will create one big display and that's how you can run a game across all your monitors. Depending on your final resolution and the graphics settings aswell as the game you're playing, you will get varied results because you only have 1GB of ram and a fairly medium to low range card. As long as your resolution is outrageous and your settings are ultra. I think you'll be able to play most games at 30FPS at least by adjusting some of your graphics settings accordingly.
  3. Another question, will I be able to lower the resolution so that I can run the game at 3x 1280x720 resolution or something? Or is it fixed and can't be changed?
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