i"m having bluetooth issues with my windows 8 laptop.

I have an acer aspire v3-771g-6814 laptop. I recently purchased motorola s305 wireless bluetooth headphones to use with my lg viper and my laptop. Every attempt I've made at attempting to fix the issue i have met with failure. I'm at wits end and could use some help. I've attempted to pair them through the bluetooth menu and the devices menu. i've even tried troubleshooting and got nowhere. Can someone help me? I just want to listen to my games through my headphones.
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    uninstall the Bluetooth driver and install again....if it didn't works then go to the official site for the drivers and install from there.....
  2. I did but had to reset my pc to win 8. I was on win 8.1 which doesn't have the best support yet. all matters aside thanks for the quick reply. I will be buying an ssd and installing win 7 ult asap to avoid future win 8 problems.
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