GTX 770 with an AMD Phenom X4 B55 CPU

How much of a bottleneck will I get using the above mentioned configuration? Would there be any difference if I buy a 760 instead or is the CPU going to also bottleneck the 760? The motherboard has an AM3 socket, so upgrading the CPU to an FX or something similiar is not possible - I also don't have the money to do that.

I guess my questions boils down to "should I buy an overpowered GPU and live with the bottleneck or is it time for a new PC?"

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    I started off with a pretty blah dual core pc and wound up where I am now, one part at a time. Forward compatibility of AMD cpu's making this possible.

    So if you need to keep it on a budget, Go ahead and get a good card, save for a month or two, get a new AM3+ mobo , swap it in while keeping the cpu, save another month or two, upgrade cpu, sneak a good cooler and case in their somewhere, etc.

    Short answer is yes, a 770 will be bottlenecked, but still yield a noticeable performance increase over your current card.

    My next step is an 8350, but with a decent overclock this 975BE @ 4.1 Ghz/2600 NB is no slouch.

    I never spent more than $300 for any single purchase, and wound up with a pretty decent pc with good upgradeability, while never having to stop gaming for more than the few hours it took to install any given part.

    Of course if your budget let's you take a $1000-$1400 ish hit at one time, start from scratch. This was not an option for me.
  2. That seems reasonable enough, thanks.
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