GPU, PSU problem: Need a 6 pin + 8 pin for my new amd r9 280x but my PSU only has 1 6 pin.

Hi, I'm thinking of buying a amd r9 280x but my power supply only has 1 6 pin connector and one spare molex 4 pin, my power supply :
Currently have gtx 650 which only requires a 6 pin, but the 280x needs a 6 pin and a 8 pin. Thanks in advance
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    Replace the PSU! If you can spend $300+ on a GPU you can get for around $50 a better 550watt PSU than the current overrated 850watt unit which might blow up your card because of the lack of quality!
  2. Is it possible for you to purchase an adapter cable? If not, it looks like you'll be needing a new PSU. Merry Xmas.
  3. Thanks for the replies, I just decided to buy a new Power supply.
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