My ASUS RT-N56U uploads more than it downloads


Since I moved and switched from fiber to 4G internet (which currently only connects to 3G networks because I haven't set up an antenna yet) my RT-N56U has been uploading about 50% more data than it downloads. I put on a 30 second YouTube video to check how much data is consumed, and according to my router I downloaded about 2,7 MB and uploaded a whole 4,2 MB during that period.
At the same time, I ran NetWorx on my PC, which agrees with my router on the downlink part, but says I only uploaded about 0,2 MB.

Is this usual on a mobile network? If not, how do I fix it? Since my 4G USB thingy (a Huawei E3276) apparently doesn't work on the original firmware, I run Padavan's custom firmware on my router (‎)

Here's a pic of the bandwidth monitor on the router (while watching the YouTube video):

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    Unless your computer is a zombie or is doing a bunch of background uploads (think torrents), you are not uploading more than your downloads. I would tend to believe NetWorx.
  2. I've now tried this with all devices that I have, and I've also tried restoring the router to its factory settings with no luck, so I assume it's a bug in the router.

    Still, Huawei devices are apparently being exploited and spied on... which is creepy, but I'm probably just being paranoid.
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