how do i remove search donkey virus

Hi i currently have search donkey in the backgrund i uninstalled it but it still runs in the back ground then i tried to do it manually by opening task manager on windows 8.1 and then i clicked stop searchdonkey process but it comes back after 2 seconds then i went to control panel and went to folder options and clicked show hidden files and all the other step then i went register editor and typed in searchdonkey found searchdonkey file and i left lcick and delete but there was other bunch of file i didnt delete here re the other bunch files poped up i didnt delete

Name type data
defualt REG-SZ (value not set)
csv REG-SZ 1
id REG-SZ 2d8231afbb99404cb121

the only reason i cant get rid of it because it says defualt it has no value set but its running in my background and i cant close it in task manager on my windows 8 please HELP ME

i located file location and then i realized the search donkey updater running there is only 2 files on my hard drive search donkey and update but cant recycle it and in registery setting it says no value set so i gues if there is no value then i cant delete it
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