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Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask if the case fan setup in the below image would prove effective results?

Please note, I have no intentions of buying any other fans, I'm happy with the Corsair fans I've chosen, but I'd be grateful if you could please see if the setup is alright.

Also, the case will be elevated to allow the air to be sucked in from the bottom.


Sorry, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post images in this thread, but this is how the system looks:

Spot 1 Rear fan: Corsair SP120 PERFORMANCE (exhaust air)
Spot 2 Ceiling fan: Corsair H110 (exhaust air)
Spot 3 Front fan 1 (top): Corsair SP120 Quiet (intake air)
Spot 4 Front fan 2 (below): Corsair SP120 PERFORMANCE (intake air)
Spot 5 Base fan: Corsair SP120 Quiet (intake air)
Spot 6 Side fan 1 (top): Corsair AF140 Quiet (intake air)
Spot 7 Side fan 2 (bottom): Corsair AF140 Quiet (intake air)

Thanks, again any help would be greatly respected.
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  1. there is no picture/image
  2. animal said:
    there is no picture/image

    Yeah, I know for some reason, it won't let me attach an image, so I've had to include the details.
  3. from all appearance, all the fans are configured correctly, but be aware, just because a case can support multiple fans, it does not mean that if all fan locations are utilized that this will result in the best cooling. Side fans can sometimes help with GPU & motherboard cooling, but in most cases they will somewhat dispupt thefront to rear and/or bottom to top airflow. My only recommendation would be to take the time to try various configurations (which locations to use and how many fans are turned on) while monitoring your temps. Use whichever configuration actually gives the best cooing, whether that is just using 2 fans or all 7.
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