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do you install your os on your ssd, is that safe? I usually only play at most three games at a time, so say I wanted my os, bf4, civ 5, and coh 2 on my ssd how big should I get, also is there anything else important, like different speeds of ssds, or better than sata 6gb like a card ssd etc. btw im on a budget of no more than 120 for my ssd, so if I can only have one game and os that's fine. im not even sure I need a ssd, do I, do they really help?
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  1. Just get any 120gb SSD - unless you do benchmarks you won't notice any performance decrease. And yes, it is safe to install your OS on the SSD, it will increase your boot time and overall system performance.
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    Yeah get the samsung 840 evo 120GB SSD it is very nice. You will be able to put your OS and at least three games on there at a time. And it certainly is safe to put your OS on there that is the first thing people were doing with SSD back when they weren't very big
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