Upgrade power supply or return?

Please help us newbies. I recently bought the Cyberpowerpc gamer xtreme GXi 620 from a retailer for my son. He wants to replace the NVIDIA GXT650 graphics card with the MSI GTX 760 twin frozr oc. Our problem is the system only came with a 350w power supply. Should we upgrade the power supply or return the system for something more compatible? Here are some more specs:

3.2 GHz intel i5-4570 Haswell CPU
1 TB 7200rpm
1 PCI x16 and 1 PCI x1

We appreciate your help, thank you.
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    Well, if you just build in the card, the actual PSU will surely not make it, except it's a high quality one, but I don't think so. If there is not a warranty sticker to tear up, you can open the case and look it up, just to be sure, then post the model of the PSU here.
    You have to look what pays more: look for an adequate system and compare it to the price of yours plus the new card and a new PSU (any good brand with at least 450W and every 80Plus certificate should do it; we can choose it later, just count with about 40-60$ or 35-50€, depends on where you are).
    My tip is, if you can still return the PC, you two build a PC by yourselves, it's not that difficult. In this case you don't have such problems, you can choose what you want and it's cheaper in most cases.
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