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first of all happy christmas! :p

so i bought a GeForce GTX 770 but i was so stupid and ordered it before i looked iff i could connect.
now im stuck with this GPU and no PCIe to connect it.
so i wanna order a new PSU but as i said in the title i need confirmation that it will work and not ending up with not working hardware again.

so the one i wanna buy is this one:

and here is the specs for my GPU:

also i have a picture from my motherboard:

and iff u need to know what PC i have its a pre-built Acer Aspire TC-603 i8710

so yeah i think this is it, i hope u can help me and confirm this would do the trick :)

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  1. From the looks of the case, the Powersupply you want to get should fit. The best way to know would be for you to measure how long your current one is. The new one is 160mm long. The other thing that concerns me is the space for the Video card. Have you confirmed that you're going to have enough space for the new GPU, or is that the new GPU in the picture?
  2. no the one on the picture is a GT640 ,i have fit the GTX770 one allready and it fits. i only need to supply it with power.
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