hello guys need help asap on assembling

i decided to build a new pc for gaming..i dont know much about computers , iev made a list of tings i thaught were good

processor amd fx 6300
mobo gigabyte ga 78lmt usb3
ram crosair vengeance 4x2 ddr3
gpu nvidia gtx 650

please suggest a psu appropriate .. and pleaseif anything is not proper just let me know if any other component recomended... pc for basic gaming needs good fps at lo to medium settings :) ty merry christmas :)
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  1. Before tackling your first PC build, spend some time looking at how to put a system together. Newegg has tons of videos that show this process in detail.

    Once you feel comfortable in building a system, you get to make the hard choices. MB, memory, cpu, etc. I think that you are looking at a relatively fast and economical high-end system.

    Gigabyte boards and graphics cards have worked well for me. The new Haswell

    From your description, you are looking at a fast, capable and relatively economical system. Before ordering any parts or making final decisions, check out the 'how-to' videos available just about anywhere. Newegg has some excellent ones.

    Once you are comfortable with building your own computer, it is time to decide on the size of your case and MB, CPU, memory, etc. Take your time with this and look at user feedback for the components that you plan to purchase.

    My $.02 would be to look at a gigabyte MB, graphic card and an 1150 cpu. You could skip the graphics card for a while since the 1150 Haswell has pretty decent on-board graphics. Get 8MB+ memory and windows 64 bit (7 or 8) for your build.

    Take your time with this. Prices for components (especially memory and SSD drives) are going down so there is no rush to purchase parts and pieces.
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    Perhaps you should focus on school rather then building a computer? That aside I wouldn't advise that you get a GTX 650. The HD 7770 has been proven to be better but further more a 650ti boost or GTX 660 will give you a lot better performance. You would be able to play games on high, possibly ultra on some games. I would also recommend a 7790.

    As for a PSU, you wouldn't need anything too powerful. You could easily get away with 400Watts. I recommend a Corsair CX430 - Cheap, reliable and 80+ bronze certified. Everything else in this build seems fine as the long as the CPU socket matches the one required by the motherboard.

    You said that you wanted to play games on low to medium settings in which case you do not need to go out and buy the most expensive components you can find. A HD 7750 is easily capable of playing games such as BF4 on medium settings but I highly recommend that you buy something better thus suggested above.

    Do some more research before dedicating money into building a computer. I hope I somewhat helped, merry Christmas to you too.
  3. A 700 watts PSU is good enough: I've been using this PSU for more than 2 years and doesn't give any problems.
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