Mother got me started on the building a computer path but I have a question about Win7

She bought me for xmas Win7HP OEM Computer Builder's ed.

How many computers can I install it on? Just 1? cause I was thinking I wont have a computer built till mid next year that I might install it on my current POS HP computer then later install it on the new computer...
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    yes just one and its done... no transfers
  2. Hi

    Win7HP OEM Computer Builder's is not a version I have heard of before
    are you sure you have that name correct ?

    All legal versions of Windows come with a licence and a certificate of authenticity sticker [COA] with a serial number on it which specifies what version of Windows 7 :-
    home basic, home premium, professional or ultimate, oem, retail or upgrade

    HP does not make a Computer Builder's edition
    HP make versions for their own PC's only
    Usually limited to working on a common motherboard range of their PC's

    Microsoft makes a OEM Systembuilder version of Win 7 which can only be installed on one PC and can not be legaly moved to another PC

    With version 8 the Systembuilder version has a standard licence when supplied pre installed on a PC (for that PC only)
    or if purchased by some one who is not a PC system builder business can be treated like the retail versions of Windows 7 and moved to different PC's provided it is removed from the previous PC

    Mike Barnes
  3. hp= home premium
  4. Hi junkeymonkey

    thanks for pointing that out

    Hi RepoDraghon

    so it is a legal Windows 7 disk but can only be used once

    best to keep it un-used unless you are going to use Windows 8 on the new PC

    Mike Barnes
  5. I was going to use it on the new system as I don't like 8, I hope 9 will go back to the old ways... I was hoping to use a new HDD for the other computer but I just looked at the HDD space on this comp and it is adequate for my needs as I have not used half of the disk space on this... This OS has the license code, I said the version the way I did cause someone looking at this might not know there are different types of the same OS, I could have maybe worded it differently... The HP I have came with a free upgrade to 7 but since I got it used from a teacher at my mom's (now retired) school and I don't have the needed info to upgrade it, so I am stuck with a Vista OS that for some reason no matter what I do it wont upgrade to SP2... I was able to change everything over to my name, such as the documents but I can't seem to change the computer's name over to my name...
  6. Hi

    I presume you mean PC owners name

    See this at Microsoft

    If you mean the PC name seen over a network I think that is found on system icon (via Control Panel)
    (I can't check as I am using a iPad)


    Mike Barnes
  7. well microsoft is funny ... so it is a legal Windows 7 disk but can only be used once.... retail can be moved over to a new build but you have to call them if it was installed on another computer and then they will kill the license on the old computer and give you a new license number to enter on the new one. so the first computers install will be null and void and done for. windows it tied to the board and hd. so if you replace the board you need to reinstall windows and get it reactivated thruogh microsoft.. oem is a one time one build use. once its actiated to a computer it there for that computer only no transfers.. now with linux you can load it on as many computers as many times as you want just load update and go.. but as you know bill likes money hes not so loose with his stuff...

    i hope i said this right for you
  8. Hi

    Oem versions are cheaper to buy and only support you get is from system builder Or down loads from Microsoft

    Retail versions cost about twice as much

    With Linux there are so many different versions which is why it has not over taken Microsoft
    Red Hat Linux does charge for its product & gives support


    Mike Barnes
  9. mike, thats kinda wrong, oem may not be cheaper in the long run . i have installed my retail on 4 builds [not at the same time ] at oem price that about $400. retail cost at the time was $225 and when i down this rig i can install again on the new one and so on.. oem is for one time install and cant be transfered. build a new rig buy a new os.. linux is not for the lazy user and is open and you got choise were with bill your choise is only how much your willing to pay, and linux dont pay kickbacks to venders to keep them in and outhers out like intel and bill..
  10. My brother-in-law helped develop one of the linuxes but under a pen name and I forget what brand it was, but it scared me away cause that version required you to type everything out like in dos... I know it's different now but not many games support it... Well, if it is indeed tied to the motherboard too then damn, that sucks...
  11. ya but dont that gaming site steam have it to were you can run linux to play games with them? a few months ago that was big talk that they were wanting linux folks to be able to game with them and i thought is was up and going now?
  12. I don't do steam... maybe some day but everything I get I usually buy the CD from a store...
  13. well thats me i dont support these new games that require me to have to have 3ed party involvment,and internet connection required. i cant see paying for a game that i cant install and play with out having to be online, downloading there ''malware'' just to play. if a lot of the gamers were to read and understant that eula that they just check I AGREE to them terms . i got better things to spend my money on then that .
  14. I have the Sims 3 Base game on CD and all the expansions on Origin. Origin doesn't require you to be online to play games, that is why I am not on Steam...
  15. realy i thought that just to eaven to load the ea games you had to download content from them just to get it to load?
  16. nope, well at least the Sims 3 you don't
  17. ya true i guess i should have said the games likw bf4 the ne cods [activision] there are some titles that dont but i rember ubisoft started it and i not knowingly got the farcry2 and it would not eaven load unless i went online and aggred to all there spyware and content well that went in the trash and if i see 3ed party[ steam origen whoever ] and internet connection required i just leave it on the rack, no sale .. lucky for me i been gaming along time and got plenty of games [75] that just load it and play it most dont eaven need a key code as long as you dont use ther server for multi play. aand i can run my owen server and have privite lans these kids today just dont get what there agreeing to and give them 3ed partys full access the there computer to do as they see fit.
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