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My pc slows down randomly. I used the recourse monitor to find out what is causing the issue and I found out that randomly my CPU goes to a 100% load due to a process called hbzegitlpeb.exe. The process terminates itself as soon as I tab out of what I'm doing. I ran a full scan on my computer with Microsoft's security essentials and it found nothing. I have searched my computer with windows explorer but it returned nothing. What could this be and how do I solve and locate the problem?
Thanks in advance :)

I found out that it is accompanied by a process called hcwrltjeus.exe
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    Not a common exe. Nothing related to Windows/Microsoft and a Google search returns nothing. I'd say this is Malware of some kind. It is common practice for malware executables to be named complete gibberish.

    Here is a quick 'template' for removing most basic infections.

    Download Malwarebytes' free version from here -
    Also download CCleaner free from here -

    Install both and update them.

    Next step, boot into safe-mode -

    Now open CCleaner, hit 'Analyse' and wait for it to complete. Next hit 'Run Cleaner'

    Now open Malwarebytes' and run a full scan.

    I know you already scanned with MS Security Essentials but quite frankly it sucks.


    The reason for safe mode is that infections are easier to remove if they aren't running. Safe mode only starts the most basic processes/services so with some luck the malware won't be functional in safe mode.

    CCleaner also removes saved passwords in your browser. There is a check-box to prevent this if you wish.
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