Just got a Geforce GTX 760. My computer is old, I need a PSU upgrade, do i need anything else to use the card at it's maximum?

I am a first time poster and have never upgraded anything on a computer before. I am getting more into PC gaming and want to upgrade my graphics card. I bought the Gefore GTX 760 and notice I needed to have a 500w PSU, which I will buy tomorrow.

My PC as is:
HP Pavilion p6774y Desktop PC

Those are the specs and features. I was wondering if i needed to upgrade anything to use my geforce gtx 760 other than the PSU which i think is 250-300w. I want to use the card to its full capability and would like any and all info. Is my PC worth leaving as is and upgrading the PSU, or do I need anything else? All info helps!

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  1. That card might just be a llittle more powerful than the CPU can utilize but its pretty balanced. U might only get 80% out of that card and it will suit your needs
  2. Thanks for the reply! What could i do for 100 percent? Anything other than the CPU? 80 is not too bad though.
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    Is the 6gb ram a single stick? If so buy another 6 Gb stick...really these games are more CPU bound but you'll be alright and you'll certainly be getting the most possible out of ur system even if the gpu outweighs the cpu a bit.
  4. Idk if overclocking is even possible w ur CPU and mobo.. but that would help utilize the gpu more
  5. not sure about the ram. i'll find out when i put the psu in tomorrow. so I should be able to run newer and high graphics games?
  6. PC's are kinda like, only as strong as the weakest link. The AAA games like Batman, Metro, Bf3/4, Tomb Raider, Assassins creed, they are truly CPU bound. The GPU just needs to compliment the CPU available. If you updated to a new rid, with an i5/6300, 8GB RAM, and that same 760 you got there, it would be a good match and would play newer and graphically demanding games. Really a new CPU and 8gb of RAM is what you want. You will be sacrificing a lot of graphic settings for the CPU to run games as smoothly as your hoping, but the GPU will be everything the CPU could ever ask for (and more)
  7. wow! thansk for the info. If i had $300 dollars to spend, could you recommend a CPU and RAM upgrade? I'd love tor un games like you hvae mentions as high, settings wise, as i can without breaking the bank. thanks again.
  8. idk if theres that much you can do, since the motherboard will hold you back now. Idk if an fx 6300 would work in theres, its AM3+ 95w but the socket on your mobo is AM3 and 95, so idk if that would work...sometimes it works with a BIOS but i couldnt tell you for sure..
  9. thanks for the input. still researching
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