Will running two video cards in SLI give me better FPS

My setup:

CPU: I5 3470 3.2ghz (overclock 3.9ghz) watercooled
GPU: Nvidia Geforce gtx 760 TF 4GB msi
motherboard: Asrock Z77 professional
Powersupply: 750w coolermaster
Case: antec nine hundred two + one extra fan at the side for more cooling to the GPU
Ram: crosair 16gb 1333

I have arround 60-70 fps on BF4 with ultra settings but i wanne have some more fps ingame...
Will i get more fps with a second GPU (GTX 760 TF 2gb msi)?
Or should i get an other CPU?
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  1. yes, but only if your monitor can display more than 60Hz
  2. I have a benq 27" 120hz (xl2720T)
  3. Yes. but you have the following issues:
    1: you WILL come across games that done scale well.
    2: No upgrade path
    3: Inferior memory handling when running displays these cards where not intended for. For example you are using a 250 bit memory bus.

    Keep in mind that it is always suggested you get the highest end GPU now, then SLI, corssfire later. If you are running a simple 1080p monitor then 760's in SLI will max pretty much all games. But you can also get single card solutions to max that Res. Higher resolution gaming becomes a little tricky.
  4. so in my case what should you do?
    My budget is 220€ for the moment so i thought to get an extra gpu to get more fps.
  5. How the hell do you have a 3470 oc'ed to 3.9ghz? FSB speed bump?

    I don't think getting a second 760 is a bad idea. It's not a lot of money for a decent gain in most games. You can't really upgrade the Cpu very much, and if you did you'd just be spending more money for minimal gain. Could also upgrade the ram to 1866mhz, but again not really worth the cost. So your only real upgrade is another 760, or sell your current one, use the integrated graphics for a week or so and get a 780(money from selling the 760 + money for a 2nd 760 about equals the cost of a 780).
  6. With the asrock motherboard i had the chance to overclock it with f-stream tuner :)
    I dont think its a verry high overclock but it helps a little bit i think :D

    Oké thankyou!
    The problem is that i'm not gonna get enough of money from my 760 4gb when i sell it, i payed 335€ for the card 3months ago.
    So i think the only solution for me is gonna be the extra 760 2gb if you guys would recommand :)
  7. You've any idea how much fps i would get with a second GPU?
  8. jonathanvw said:
    You've any idea how much fps i would get with a second GPU?

    Yes, most of the time. But you will come across games that scale poorly or negatively. Look at Skyrim!
  9. Oké and if i stay with one GPU would i get those problems?
    I only play FPS games like BF4 and COD.
    So would it be a little bit stupid if get a second gpu? :)
    Just dont want to spend my money on the wrong parts :D.
  10. Best answer
    A high end GPU will have less headaches and will perform its best with any game. To be honest, I would get the highest end GPU you can then SLI/Crossfire later on if you need to. The time you go multi card, all driver related issues should be Ironed out. However the games that don't scale well take the benefit of say a GTX 780 (Even in SLI) which is better than dealing with GTX 760 performance. If you see what I'm saying.

    I suggest either a GTX 780 or R9 290 (Non Reference)

    Ive ordered an R9 290x Reference for eyefinity, this is because I intend to run the fan at 100%.
  11. Oké thankyou for your help!!
  12. Is it possible to run a 770 2gb msi with a 760 4gb msi?
    Would you recommand that or do say no i wouldent do that? :)
  13. I know that you can mix and match ATI cards but I would say no, even if it were possible with nvidia. It will scale accordingly with your weakest card, so a 770 is pointless. And you will be limiting Vram to 2GB.
  14. Okay thx for your help!
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