GPU Gadget for the Readon HD 7700?

I want a gadget to monitor this graphics card.
Does anyone know a good one?
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  1. What exactly do you want to monitor? FPS; power; fan speed; temp??? Are you speaking of the HD 777?
  2. Well. One that display the GPU load and tempeture would be good.
  3. For everyday use, THIS is a great little tool, and it's free. Also, THIS is a good tool for the cpu.

  4. Great Tool, but still does not display any data on my graphics card
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    Try gpu-z - freebie HERE
  6. It works great. I guess there's no gadget for this video card. I can use also the AMD Catalyst Center to see temperature, fan speed and all that good stuff, even overclock.
  7. MSI afterburner will also work - good for setting custom fan curves too!
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