Is this pc build for 1500$ good?

Hi there! I am looking to build this pc and I was wondering if it was worth it and if you can what can you change.
Thanks guys!!!
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  1. Get Windows 8, It creates better performance in games.
  2. It's a well thought-out build, so the suggestions can save only ~$45: changing to a Gigabyte motherboard (, a Kingston SSD (, and a 500W 80+ Gold PSU (
  3. I'd recommend getting a 8 GB memory kit (2 x 4GB) to take advantage of dual channel.....will perform better than a single 8 GB stick. And I'd stick with your PSU especially if you will be overclocking.
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    Good build! Would change the DRAM to a 2x4GB set to give you the use of Dual Channel, and don't give thought to the suggestion above about a 500 Watt PSU, to have a little headroom want at least a 600 and about 42 AMPs on the 12 volt rail, so your selection is a good one - think you'll be happy with your selections :) Merry Xmas!
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