Deciding on high end GPU....GTX 690, 780, and Titan all come to mind. Care to clarify some things?

After working much overtime this holiday season, and receiving my holiday bonus I'm in the market for a new video card. I currently have Dual GTX 670's, but the 2GB versions are starting to lose their performance with newer titles. I plan to have one 670 in physx mode (more than likely anyways), but the main GPU is where I'm having some trouble deciding. I've done my research and have read some very different conclusions as far as which card would be considered the best. I see a lot of people recommend the 780 as far as performance and label that one the best of the bunch, but the 690 tops nearly all benchmark tests in comparison. Are people recommending the 780 based on Price for Performance?

The GTX Titan is another card that is confusing me. Having 6gb VRAM makes it a hefty piece of hardware, but I don't see it benchmark very well compared to the 780 or the 690 (the 4gb versions). Cost isn't necessarily the issue, as I worked all this overtime with the intention of getting the 690. I'm hoping to sort of future proof my rig for releases like The Witcher 3, The Devision, which is hard given there is so little about each title out yet...but basically trying to be ahead of the curve. 4K resolution isn't my concern at the moment, but having the option would be a plus...but not a necessity. Right now I'm leaning towards the 690, but I feel the Titan would be better future proofed because of the higher VRAM, with the 780 coming in still capable but short of both. Please correct me if I'm wrong and feel free to make recommendations.

Also, My rig is as follows and again please feel free to tell me if I'll be bottle-necking myself with this upgrade. If anything I'll be upgrading my PSU as well, but just FYI.
Gigabyte UD4 Mobo
Intel i5 2500K
Seagate 1TB
12gb Ram
750 PSU

Thanks again for all input! This site has saved my rear many times and I'm so thankful for it.
Happy Holidays everyone!
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  1. 780ti. 700 dollars for one of the highest clocked versions out there: 3gb of vram so that's a nice perk too. Could get one of the non-reference 290x cards too, but the price is up in the air and they generally fall behind the 780ti in most benchmarks. However, the 4gb of vram might be a larger issue in a couple of years. I wouldn't get the 690 or Titan now, and instead buy one of the other cards I mentioned with the possible intent of going with a dual-gpu setup later if you want.
  2. I will suggest R9 290x non reference, the 780ti seems to be overpriced, like most nvidia cards. Also the R9 has 4GB of Vram with a 512 bit memory bus. Very handy for future titles.
  3. I haven't considered the R9 290X as it slipped my mind. I was and still am a huge EVGA fan, all of my cards have been EVGA with no problems. I admit I'm a little Nvidia biased in that regard. But I have heard some horror stories about crossfire vs sli as far as driver and game performance. I know a lot of it is on the game dev's end, but sli seemed to be a "tidier" solution, if that makes any sense.
    Can anyone put these rumors to rest? The R9 290X is appealing, and if anything at that price point I'd be getting two of them.

    Thanks again!
  4. This may be out of the question...but this is the place for questions right?

    After some research I found I could upgrade my mother board to a Quad SLI rig, get and unlocked i7 4770, and a THIRD GTX 670 for roughly the same price point. Could this benefit me any more that SLI or Xfire with the other mentioned cards since I'm getting both a CPU and GPU improvement?
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    considering the prices you seem to be willing to spend, go with the 780 ti. or perhaps sli msi 780 gaming (only $500 right now). Not sure if you hve been swayed yet, but the 690 only has 2gb available per gpu core and so is kinda obsolete for higher memory usage games. tri-sli you WILL see diminishing returns for that third card sadly. Your best bet , in only my own personal opinion, for the kind of money you are looking at spending, upgrading to a 2700k (literally one of the best processors around if you can find one, it will overclock past a 4770k under water and you won't notice a difference between that, and the 4770k.) sli 780 are great, and with the i7-2700k, you wouldnt need to buy a new motherboard either.
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