I need to add a USB3 port to my HP desktop which has no way to add internal cards but does have eSata ports

I need to add a USB3 port to my HP desktop to plug in a USB3 flash drive. The desktop has HP's stupid proprietary closed construction so a USB3 PCI card can't be added. The desktop does have an eSata port--but I (and others on this site) have never found any way of going from eSata to USB3. (There are lots of converters from USB3 to eSata.) I'd appreciate any ideas. Thanks.
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    Ignoring the HP case construction, is there an empty PCI slot on the MB but not a corresponding space in the case to install the card? If you really want to keep the computer, and it is off warranty, and it is only the case preventing you from installing another PCI, just transfer the hardware to a new case. Then you can install the USB 3.0 card. Just make sure the HP's PSU can handle the USB 3.0 card's power needs.
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