CPU and MOBO recommendation please (I RESEARCHED!)

I want to play planetside 2 on medium graphics at 30+ FPS during big battles. I DON'T require anything fancy or super expensive, much less do I care about "ultra graphics".

Right now, Im SUPER bottle necked with my mother board and CPU.

What I have now->

16GB crucial ram
HD Radeon 7770 1gb
15krpm 500gb raptor drive
2TB 7500 rpm mass storage
750W PSU

and... unknown motherboard, and Intel E5800 dual core chip.


Right now, on low settings, I can get 60fps running around, which is great, but in big battles, I drop to around 10 fps with a big fat [CPU] flashing at the bottom haha.

I will build a new computer later next year, however right now, I have several months to live on this computer. I basically upgraded this computer, piece by piece, but now im maxed out.

My requests ->

- Compatibility with all my hardware (i.e. I need 4 slots of memory, don't want to get a new PSU, etc)
- can run "high end games" on medium+ settings at decent frame rates (40+ at all times would be preferred).
-under 200$. I can stretch that a LITTLE BIT, if theres something out there that gives massive gains over something else relevant Im looking at.

I am doing lots of research, but everyone wants to play these ridiculous games on ultra settings and get 60+ fps all the time. I just don't care about that.

The FX6350 is kind of what I have my eye on. That or the FX8320.

this runs in at 224, but if there's a cheaper solution (i.e. 50$ savings) that will do what I require, I would love to hear about it. I just keep hearing about benchmarks and max settings on ultra graphics on all these things, which is beyond what I care about.

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    Hello friend.

    Under $200 is a bit of a tight squeeze, but we'll try to figure something out. In the meanwhile, have a look at this video:

    This guy is running an FX 6350 and an HD 7770 which would what you would be running. I don't know anything really about Planetside 2 so if that is how smooth you want battles to be, and that is what you mean by big fights then that would be pretty good I guess. However, assuming that the user used FRAPS, he would get more FPS than shown in the video.

    Also, that resolution was at 1280 x 1024, and FPS may be the same or lower if you play at a higher resolution.

    In that case there are a few <$200 combo deals for the FX 6350 and AM3+ motherboards that you might want to look at - the prices range from around $175 - $200.

    I suggest you look through the motherboards associated with each combo to see if they provide the features that you wish. Note that only the MSI board has 2 PCI-E lanes with one being x16, the other x8. The other two motherboards only have x16/x4, which isn't so much a problem with an HD 7770 if you plan to CrossFire, but it is something to note nonetheless.

    Otherwise, I guess the combo you have in your post is sufficient if you think you might want a bit more performance than shown in the video.
  2. Man, how'd I miss that video? haha Thanks! Planetside 2 can literally have 100 on 100 battles (basically rendering 200 moving sprites at the same time) so it gets a bit intensive on the CPU side of things.

    I SWEAR I looked for bundles on newegg for the 6350, but I didn't find them! Thank you so much for posting those. I'm quite confident a 6350 is plenty. Basically I just want the cheapest option for right now, as I will be doing a full up build during tax return season. I believe I will go with the 189$ combo you posted, that seems to fit the bill perfectly!

  3. You are most welcome.
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