upgrade to gysync or wait for official asus Gsync monitors?

Trying to decide on whether i should buy a asus vg248qe than buy the DIY gysync module in Jan. or spend 650 at digital storm and buy their modded gysnc version of the vg248qe monitor, or wait till asus anounces official gysnc monitor line up with possible 27 inch monitor.

really want 27in but dont think i can wait much longer stutter on vsync is killing me shouldnt see studder on a 6000 dollar pc with 1080p.

what do you guys think?

you think with this gsync issue with not being able to support multiple monitors or light boast will cause delays in official gysnc monitors ?
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  1. You seem to be uninformed on gsync.

    To what i just googled, they will be able to support all the usual monitor technologies that lcd and led panels can

    Also, definitely wait. Nothing worse than getting the monitor you don't want because you couldnt wait. You likely won't have to wait more than a few months, and according to most reviewers, gsync is going to take off bigtime, just like flatscreen monitors did


    They also say that you shouldnt just buy a new monitor for the technology as soon as it comes out; most are saying to wait until such a time as you NEED to upgrade, or would have bought a new monitor anyways.
  2. yeah im not waiting lol stutter is driving me up the wall, developers are just getting so lazy these days no reason for sli'd evga gtx 780ti classified cards + 4770k @ 4.7ghz +16gb of 2400mhz trident x memory + 500gb samsung 830 pro ssd to not be able to keep a steady 60hz with vsync on. seems like these days 3 out of 10 pc games are actually optimized :( even tho my pc is a beast kinda cant wait till i get my ps4 from amazon so i can get back to just popping in a disk and knowing the game will play the same everytime.
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    Downclocking your cards will help with stutter, and if you are still at 1080p, you won't notice the loss in fps with those beasts. Sorry to hear about the stutter problem
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