Is this a good gaming pc build and is it easy to build

I'm thinking of building a pc and I saw a video on a 500 gaming pc and I changed the motherboard since the one he listed was sold out the only difference is that one is CSM and I don't know what that means. I'm wondering if this is a good gaming pc build and if it's hard to build as I'm doing this by myself and I'm only 15 and don't have much knowledge in pc stuff. Here is the link of the pc parts , I'm buying all of this stuff in amazon.
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    This build is pretty Decent for gaming.
    you can play all the games on high settings at 1600 x 900 resolution.
    and you should increase the amount of RAM and HD 7790 is better than GTX 650Ti at almost same price.
    The link for HD 7790 -->

    here is one link of comparison between those 2 cards :

    HD 7790 requires less power than GTX 650Ti and GTX 650 Ti heats more than HD 7790.
    The only problem is that you'll need to install 8GB of RAM to let any of these cards perform better.
  2. Your on the right lines, but use a haswell i3 4130 processor, and an asus h81 motherboard.
    This is amazingly better for games. Never use an MSI motherboard, untrustworthy company..
    You want 4 gig of cheap cas 11 ram that runs at 1.5 volts. More expense is wasted.
    Haswell 4130's are not stable in price yet, but almost eradicate the sticky frame bits in games.
    Talks of over 60 frames are irrelevant. You monitor runs at 60 frames per second. The haswell chip
    works best keeping the bottom up, not the top that doesnt matter.
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