Need an opinion on my budget gaming pc builds (£500-£600)

Hello everyone,

This is my first post so please be merciful :) Anyway, I'm considering on buying a budget gaming pc after my previous fail in doing so.

I have wasted £500 on previously bought "gaming" pc. It's I've got ocassional lag while playing stanley parable for christ's sake! Anyway, I read up on the topic of gaming pcs and after searching through the internet I've stumbled upon this forum which gave me a great overview of the situation and I came up with two options here:

pcpartpicker - Intel

pcpartpicker - AMD

Both are similar price so it's quite hard for me to choose which one to go with. If it helps, my games are going to be mainly the witcher, bf3, dayz, etc. What I want to know is which one is better value for money and for gaming.

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    AMD build is much more better for Gaming.
    it has a 6 core processor with a cooler so there is not any overheating issue at all and R9 270 is better than GTX 650 Ti Boost Edition.
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