New graphics card black screen with blinking underscore

Hi, i just bought a new zotac geforce gtx 780 to replace my old radeon hd 6870 dual fan. I installed the new card and plugged in the power cables, but then i get a black screen with ''B4" written in the middle of the screen. 1 minute later i get a black screen with a white, blinking underspace symbol in the top left corner.

850w psu
Msi B75MA-P45 motherboard
Intel core i5 2320 processor
8Gb DDR3 ram

Hope you know a solution :)
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  1. Sounds like you need a bios update.
    The 780 is miles newer than the rest of your system .
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    I had this same problem with same error code, but it was back when i first built my first pc, and i had accidentally put in an extra standoff and it scratched the bottom of my motherboard.

    Since the only thing you changed was the gpu, a bios update would be a good idea.

    the msi site should have the correct bios update available for your motherboard.

    Looking at the parts you have, nothing should be incompatable at all, and so perhaps try to make sure you can get your computer working again without the new gpu, then go from there
  3. Thank you :)
  4. You're welcome. Sincerely hope you get things sorted out; i know exactly how heartbreaking it can be to have this kind of thing happen
  5. The only problem i have now is that i am not completely sure how to update my bios. I have never done it before. :)
  6. Go to the msi support site and you will either be able to find the instructions about how to update your bios, or you can email the tech support and they will be able to guide you through it as well
  7. Thank you guys for helping me :D it is working completely fine now. :)
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