replaced hard drive with xp with hard drive with vista vista wont boot up

i have a vio vgc-R830 PC with xp os sata hard drive 180 gb. want to put a sata 360 gb hdd with vista on it make it my master hdd and the other with xp on it my slave but when i first hook it up I have multipal hook ups on ribbon it recognized it i can move files to it from the other driver but when i changed the boot sequince in bios and the order that it first boots up it says failedt to boot so i took the xp out and tried to just boot the hdd with vista on it same reaction failure to boot do not have any jumpers but i shouldnt need any if im installing just the hdd with vista on it
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    Is that Vista installation from the same PC, or did you just move a drive from another PC?

    You must install Windows to the SAME PC you are going to run it from.

    There's also a specific ORDER to do this, but if XP is installed first it should work like THIS:

    1. Attach BOTH drives and make sure you can boot into XP.

    2. Now boot to the VISTA INSTALL disc
    (may need to make DVD first in Boot Order in the motherboard BIOS)

    3. Choose the drive to install Vista to:
    *WARNING. Do NOT ERASE the XP drive or attempt to install Vista to it.

    4. Finish installing Vista.

    You should now have a CHOICE when booting the PC.

    5. Finishing updates:
    - motherboard main chipset (motherboard support site)
    - video and other drivers
    - programs
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