i replaced my hard drive and my computer says reboot select proper boot device and it wont do anything no matter which button

hi i just bought a new hard drive because my original one crashed and when i put the new one in and power up my computer message on screen pops up saying "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key" so if i push any keys same message keeps popping up so my question is what do i need to do to install the new hard drive to work properly ? Thank you
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    you need to reload windows os. if it a dell or hp the old drive has the restore info on a hidden partion. you have to boot from the old drive and run the restore. (if the drive still works). if not you have to use digitial rivers iso image and microsoft oem on the pc case to try and reinstall the os. if it a pc you built you have to put the windows os cd in the cd-rom and boot from it to reinstall windows.
  2. so you need to install windows on the new drive? you will need to go into bios and select your dvd rom as first boot device.insert your windows disk and restart.
  3. well i do not have the windows cd i do have the cd that came with the computer which is a lenovo ideacentre B540 and i am pretty new to the computer stuff but willing to learn and i am also wondering if it is worth bringing it to local staples and they want 100 bucks to do it thanks again smorizio and aldan
  4. do you have a product key? usually on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop. the cd that came with the computer might have the os on it or it might just be drivers. best to put it in a working computer and scan the files on it to see.
  5. i believe that i do have the product key and the cd that came with the computer it's just the drivers
  6. call or email the laptop vendor most for a small fee will send you a restore cd or point you to a iso file you can download.3
    if not digital rivers has iso files you can download (there non vendor images) there the standard windows iso image.
  7. ok so i ordered the recovery discs OS etc and when i install the new harddrive the same message pops up on my screen and no matter what key i oush it just keeps repeating ....
  8. the restore cd booted and installed the os on the right drive?? if it did setting the bios to boot from hard drive should get the system to boot.
  9. well i don't know if it did installed anything on the drive because of the message that is on the screen and i am wondering if i could install the new hard drive on my other desk top and try installing it like that sorry i am new to this so i am just wondering
  10. If you know how to get into the BIOS, and you haven't tried this already, then change the boot order so it boots from the CD/DVD drive first. Insert the recovery disc and restart the computer. Pay close attention after the boot as you should see something like "Press any key to boot from the CD...". From there it should prompt you about installing the OS using the recovery discs.
  11. i know how to get to bios but i dont know how to change it so it boots from CD/ i said before im new to this
  12. go into bios

    go though the tabs looking for something saying boot order. on boot order find the cd drive move it up/make it first boot device. set hard drive to be second boot device.

    go to usully what is the last tab and select "save settings and reboot"

    with the disk in the cd drive it should now boot it and start install
  13. Get any Windows 7 CD or USB Drive and Boot to it, Once Booted Click on Repair Computer, Click Next and Startup Repair. Fixed it for me!!!! (second drive disconnected)
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