Should the AMD FX 8320 run hotter than the FX 4130?

I know this is a dumb question, but I just got an FX 8320 for Christmas and it is running about 10 degrees Celsius higher than my old FX 4130. They were both cooled with the newer version of the Corsair H60. The FX 4130 had the standard thermal compound that came with the Corsair H60, and the FX 8320 is using Arctic Silver Ceramique 2 thermal paste. I'm just wondering if this is a natural thing considering that it is a higher end processor, but the Ceramique 2 should also be a lot better than the stock thermal compound that comes with the H60.
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    I think Corsair uses pretty good stock thermal compound - I could be wrong. Either way, the temperature difference would only be a handful, not upwards of ten.

    As for the difference, despite that both are rated at 125 TDP, the FX-4130 doesn't quite run that hot at stock. I think the 8-core processors generally do run hotter than their 4-core counterparts, since they have more cores for their real-estate, and if turbo mode is kicking in your FX-8320 will definitely run hotter than the FX-4130.
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