How much faster is a SSD than a HDD?

Hello, I'm building my first computer and was debating whether or not to get a SSD to use as my boot drive and maybe store a game or two.

My biggest question is, how much faster is a SSD than a HDD? More specifically, a 120 GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD and a 1 TB Western Digital Blue WD10EZEX 7200 RPM HDD with a 64mb cache. I've read the specs on both, but was looking for anyone who may have the same or similar setup.

In the end, it will come down to an issue of if I can afford it, but I just wanted to go ahead and get my homework done if the funds would happen to come up. Thanks for your time!
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    Lets just say a lot. Here is a review on it-
  2. Very much faster, its a night and day difference between using an SSD and HDD based system.
  3. Thank you @Sevenater and manofchalk!
  4. noahthecaptain said:
    Thank you @Sevenater and manofchalk!

    Glad I could help!
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