I uninstalled my graphics card and now My computer seems messed up

So it started when I tried to install my new Gigabyte Radeon R9 280x.
I had installed it and as far as I knew it was working fine. But it wasn't even turned on.

So when I noticed today that it wasn't on and (as far as I know) never has been I tried to fix that.
I went on to a website on "how to install a graphics card" I misread the instructions and uninstalled the onboard graphics card. My display immediately went to 800x600 and my computer is now VERY slow to do anything.
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  1. Oh... After posting that it... re-installed itself....

    I do need help now to install my Gigabyte Radeon R9 280x
  2. Moderator please lock this thread, I shall create a new one for my new situation.
  3. When you have a discrete card you connect the monitor to it not the motherboard! To get your IGP back just reinstall the drivers for it.
    The simple way to install a GPU in your rig is shut down, install the card in the slot connect the PCIe power from the PSU to it and the monitor to the card, start up now running on win std VGA driver and then install the drivers from AMD website.
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    Ok, so once you get it secured in your system, all you need to do is connect the 8 pin and 6 pin PCI-E power connectors from your power supply to your graphics card. Then make sure that your only display is connected to that graphics card, when you boot up, go into windows and install the necessary drivers online. Then restart the system and everything should be fine.
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