Is it possible to migrate ONLY Windows 7 to a new SSD?

Hello everyone,
I recently recieved a new SSD for my gaming rig, and I want to move my Windows installation to it but leave my 200+ Gb of games on my old HDD. Is it possible to do this? Alternativley, could I install my copy of Windows again onto the SSD and simply delete the old installation after I move my personal settings over?

A side note:
As well as a new SSD, I also recently purchased a new motherboard for my system, and I have not been able to migrate Windows to that new hardware. Could Installing Windows on my new SSD with the new mobo installed allow me to access my old files without having to reformat the old HDD?
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    I wud recommend in both instances:

    1. Installing the OS "fresh" on the SSD with no other drives connected. (disconnect HD data cable)

    2. Do all driver installations, run Windows Update the obligatory 7-8 times

    3. Shut down and reconnect data cable.

    4. Install the programs and games over themselves to the location on the old HD so set up registry entries in newy installed OS. This will NOT overwrote any program customizations or saved games (at least never has for me and done it dozens and dozen of times). Of course this is always easier if ya didn't install everything to C\Program Files\

    On the new hardware, you can delete all ya old Windows files afterwards

    On the same hardware may wanna keep the old windows install in case ya SSD ever gores south or gets in infected.
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