Suggest me a monitor for gaming?

I'm looking at getting a monitor in the next few days for around $300AUD, but I'm undecided as to what to get. This will mainly be for gaming, not to much Mulitplayer gaming besides BF4, also anything above 24inch.

My 1st choice was:

ASUS VE248H 24inch Widescreen LED monitor

but then i decided I wanted a display that was reasonably better and had better picture quality so I was looking at this:

ASUS MX279H 27in AH-IPS Widescreen LED Monitor

Though I'm still unsure as to what to get. I'd prefer better picture quality over response time as I wont be doing much Competitive gaming, and as a bonus I'd at least like the monitor to look reasonably good.

So any insight or personal experiences on what you'd pick or prefer would be great :) Thanks
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  1. The second monitor is probably better all around, it will also be better for multi-monitor gaming with the thin borders.
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    If you have ever experienced IPS you would know how much better the color production compared the to the cheap TN panel used on the faster monitor. Just bear in mind IPS has "white glow" on dark scenes from certain angles which is the only downside of it along with "price". If you want immersion then go with IPS.
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