PLEASE HELP!! WINDOWS 8.1 upgrade = No Signal on Monitor

HELP! I recently build my first computer, and got everything running. Installed windows 7 professional on a 1tb hard-drive(it partition to a separate 100mb) then I updated my drivers manually. Finally, I decided to upgrade to windows 8.1 pro because I had a key from university.This is where the problem started.

After windows 8 was completed loading the files and had to restart. When it restarted, I get a no signal on my monitor. After hours of tinkering, going on forms, re-installing windows 8.1, I got it to work but ONLY if I go straight into my Bios and put the boot priority to some drive that wasn't my 1tb hard drive (only drive installed on my computer). This extra thing I could boot from was named "Windows Boot Manager....". After getting on I was able to surf the web etc. but when I have to restart for an update, I get no signal again and have to repeat the process of going to bios and booting straight from "windows boot manager" (not my 1tb hard drive). Now when I would get into windows it will randomly shut down after 10-15min.

I don't know what to do and am stressing out. I strongly believe it has something to do with my hard-drive (maybe I still have a version of windows 7 on it; and its getting confused somehow?) OR it could be my drivers (not being properly updated?) esp my video driver. If I could I would like to wipe my hard drive of everything clear and start over with a clean install of windows 8.1. But the best I can do now is reinstall my windows copy from a usb and "format" my hard drive...but this has been done already. Either way, I believe both my computer and myself are confused...Please help if you can because I am really trying my best with the proper steps. Thank you for your time.
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    in you place i`ll go like this :
    - MHDD - drive test - Hirens Boot CD ( or USB boot Hirens Boot CD image )
    if you have no red errors then you drive is OK
    - use win 8 setup DVD to boot and install Clean Win 8
    - format the partition that you OS is installed - let`s hope you have backup you value data somwhere .....

    Let`s hope you have Win 8 compatible HW after all you must have working WIn 8
  2. Hello, thanks for your quick answer. I was able to download Hirens Boot Cd (onto a USB). What would I do now since there are multiple programs I can run.
  3. nguyenvhd said:
    Hello, thanks for your quick answer. I was able to download Hirens Boot Cd (onto a USB). What would I do now since there are multiple programs I can run.

    DOS programs
    Hard disk test
    MHDD 4.6
    select the drive by the number it`s detected - f.e. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ........
    wait the test to finish - 2-3 hrs
    keep eye on the lower right corner - errors are displayed in red and warrnings in white
    in the midle aria - red bricks = BAD ; green bricks = BAD ; orange bricks = BAD
  4. After I run the MHDD4.6 I see a screen displaying 3 ports (1F0h, 170h,100h) then a
    Enter HDD number [3]:_

    I tried entering every number from 1-3 and then pressed enter then F4 but would get

    Drive is not ready.
    This drive does not support LBA mode or not detected

    Same result for all drives i tested...
  5. if you not see any HDD listed with number then :
    - enter BIOS
    - temporary change the SATA mode from AHCI to IDE compatible
    - try again MHDD
    - After testing roll back to AHCI mode

    also you can try rearange the SATA cables and drives
    - Sata port 0 -> HDD
    - run MHDD
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