MSI Z87-GD65 Sound Blaster Cinema Help!

So I recently just got my "new"ish PC built with a new motherboard of my own finally. This motherboard is perfect for me. I have noticed a slight difference in audio since downloading the Realtek audio download. But I can't find the Sound Blaster Cinema controls anywhere! I have gone on the site, multiple other sites, and even tried Live Update 5 for an update which SHOWS that it can download it. I downloaded it, restarted after installing that and multiple other updates and still nothing. I really want to tinker with this to get a better sound experience. What am I missing! Thank you for helping me.
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  1. I would love to have help with this. This is the only reliable place I feel I can go so please help guys :/
  2. Could I please have some help?
  3. the control panel is opened by going to the right bottom and click the ^ arrow , in the list of programs theres the soundblaster wich autostarts minimized , right click it and open incase you have win7 , i dont know if its the same with win8

    By the way i am realy annoyed about it , since i use this onboard stuff my 5.1 doesnt work right anymore and neither is stereo , no matter what i change skyrim etc doesnt work right.. i start up without soundblaster and use the realtek audio manager , but it still messes up
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