components compatibles with Intel Core™ i7 Extreme i7-975 3.33GHz

I'm pretty new on this about building PC (simply a beginner). I have a sports blog and a I wanna put an HD player on it (only for my readers) to watch weekly games, comments, etc.

the thing is I have to built a new powerful PC in order to stream 720p HD/1080p HD from my STB. the signal will be captured with a Blackmagic intensity Pro, encoded and uploaded to a CDN service and finally embeed in encrypted page.

to begin, the CDN server suggests me built my new PC with a Intel Core™ i7 Extreme
i7-975 3.33GHz
(apparently, this is the best for it in the market)

so my question for anybody with knowledge in it would be:

what others components would I need (motherboard, graphic card, memory, etc) in order to get a reliable equipment for this purpose?

* this new PC sholud be able to work with as minimum the following parameters (bitrate: 2000 Kbs / memory: 4 GB - any DDR3 memory / HDD: 10 MB available disk space)

thanks for answering !!
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  1. The 975 is a bit dated, that goes back to 2009 or so, ran on the 1366 socket mobos, be much better off looking at something a little newer, maybe a Haswell or even an Ivy Bridge
  2. I second Tradesman1's advice. I will recommend an i7-4770k with a decent motherboard eg. Asus, AsRock, MSi, etc. with about 8-16Gb of DDR3-1866MHz memory.
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