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gtx 690 vs gtx 760

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December 26, 2013 12:33:19 AM

Hello friends..... I came here to know whether the gtx 690 is more powerful than the gtx 760 or the gtx 760 is more powerful....(for gaming to get more fps).......I'm asking so as i am about to buy a gaming pc ......thus i would like to know which one is more powerful between them.....WEIRD thing----CRYSIS 3 on gtx 690(60 fps and above)-----CRYSIS 3 on gtx 760(20-60fps)...LOL... how come gtx 690 get such good fps compared to the gtx 760.....plz reply......

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December 26, 2013 12:46:21 AM

but still call of duty ghost on the gtx 760 get a lot more fps than the gtx 690....
December 26, 2013 2:04:08 AM

Bhavi said:
but still call of duty ghost on the gtx 760 get a lot more fps than the gtx 690....

Not sure where you heard/read that from; link? According to guru3d, in COD: Ghosts (1920x1200, ultra detail, DX11, eye candy on) the 690 got exactly 60 FPS and the 760 got 48. What I did notice that was weird, the 7990 which is also a dual GPU card like the 690 was way down on the list at 39 FPS putting it just under the 7870. The 7990 is basically 2x 7970s glued together like the 690 is 2x 680s glued together. Maybe you were thinking about the 7990 and not the 690? In almost all other games, the 690 and 7990 pretty much go head to head. It could be that COD: Ghosts is just poorly optimized for the 7990 or Crossfire. Dual GPU cards link those two GPUs together with the exact same tech used to link two separate cards in SLI or Crossfire. The only difference is that they share the same PCI-E slot.