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Hello friends..... I came here to know whether the gtx 690 is more powerful than the gtx 760 or the gtx 760 is more powerful....(for gaming to get more fps).......I'm asking so as i am about to buy a gaming pc ......thus i would like to know which one is more powerful between them.....WEIRD thing----CRYSIS 3 on gtx 690(60 fps and above)-----CRYSIS 3 on gtx 760(20-60fps)...LOL... how come gtx 690 get such good fps compared to the gtx 760.....plz reply......
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  1. but still call of duty ghost on the gtx 760 get a lot more fps than the gtx 690....
  2. Yes!!!! but i would really wanna know which of those beast are the most powerful for gaming.....Such as for next gen games such as watch dogs and gta5..... Give me expected fps that you expect a gtx 760 can get compared to the gtx 690 which is a dual gpu....
  3. The gtx 690 is stronger than a gtx 780ti. The 760 is mid range, 690 high end. Unless you are cpu bottlenecked, the fps difference will be huge.
    Expected fps are hard to call, depending on settings, resolution, amount of monitors, game and cpu. But you can expect the 690 to give you >60 fps on any game on ultra in 1080p. The 760 would possibly do around 30 fps then.
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